Placentia. In Latin it means “pleasing, welcoming, satisfying.”1 Placentia is where I live and it’s on the southern Avalon of Newfoundland & Labrador. It’s named after a small community in the Basque country of Spain named Plentzia. The Basque are believed to be the first Europeans to have travelled to this region to fish.

It seemed fitting to name this blog after Placentia Bay, which is the nearest body of water. My hope is for this blog to be enriched by its name. I’ll touch on the colourful history of the region. As well, I’ll share ideas and thoughts that are just that—pleasing, welcoming and satisfying.

While I often write non-fiction accounts, every now and then I may share a fictional story, one that will be equally gratifying. So, go ahead and check the blog on the right (under “Categories”) and you’ll see what I mean. In “Living Well,” you can read about things like how to improve your well-being or just some ideas — some beautiful and others hopefully thought-provoking. With “A Look Back in Time,” you can enjoy reading some history of the places around Placentia Bay. “People & Places” are just some people and some spots you may enjoy learning about. So, enjoy reading. I’m glad you’ve visited and hope to see you again soon!!

Lee Everts, Placentia, Newfoundland & Labrador

1Word Sense Dictionary 2022 “Placentia” https://www.wordsense.eu/placentia/