Three Sister Pub & Eatery

Three Sister Pub & Eatery

Three Sisters Pub & Restaurant is the most recent evolution of this part of Placentia. It arises from an interesting and intriguing history that is richly interwoven with the lives that have shaped Placentia. In the 19th century, the land on which Three Sisters Pub & Eatery is located was owned by merchant James E. Croucher.

On the 20th December, 1883, Mr. Croucher sold this part of his property — a corner lot next to the main road — to a William Siteman. In addition, Mr. Croucher also sold land to Mr. Siteman that was to the north and an ideal location to build a wharf.

Now in the twentieth century, on 15th June, 1923, Mr. Siteman sold the property to Michael J. Murphy, Master Mariner. And following the death of Mr. Murphy, his wife, Elizabeth, lived in the house until her death on 5th November, 1941.

Archbishop Roach was named as the Executor of Mrs. Murphy’s estate. At this time, Alfred Bonia expressed that Mrs. Murphy had promised to sell the house to him. Thus, in 1943, Archbishop Roach ensured the house was sold for $600.00 to Mr. Bonia. Additionally, the two pieces of property along the waterfront and the corner lot were separated and legally recognised as two pieces of property.

The story of Belle’s Restaurant comes closer to the present when in the middle of the last century, Mr. Bonia sold the house to Isabel Byrne in 1944. Like her parents who had owned a store across the Bay, Isabel Byrne lived in the house and operated a store. Soon after and for the next few decades, Belle helped to usher in what came to be known as Belle Byrne’s Store. Then, in 1997, the house was purchased by Ernest and Geraldine Kelly who, after extensive renovations, re-opened on the 12th December, 1997 as Belle’s Restaurant.

And the latest incarnation of this building closely follows this tradition. In 2009, the building changed hands and following significant renovations that altered the interior, it was yet again reinvented as the Three Sisters Pub & Eatery. Although, it is simply known as The Three Sister’s nowadays. Like its predecessors, this establishment has nestled into the heart of the community.

The evolution of this piece of property has witnessed its journey over the decades and despite a shift from a general store to a restaurant and now a pub and restaurant, the spirit of the place remains intact.

(Note: Much of the information is derived from a hand-out that was given to patrons at the Belle’s Restaurant when it was owned by the Kelly family)

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