A Guide

A Guide

There are always those moments when we find ourselves questioning our lives. Where are we really going, we wonder. Things just don’t seem to fit anymore. What do some of us say when a caring friend asks us how we’re doing? “I’m feeling a little lost,” we offer. Rudderless? Adrift? We wander through our days and for the moment, our heart’s not really in much of anything. Searching maybe, for some sign … of what, well, we’re not exactly sure.

We go on and it’s a usual minute, in a usual hour of a usual day. We’re pondering and really trying to figure out where we’re headed and …

…. and then we see it. Is it … yes it is! An eagle soaring high, high above the clouds. Haven’t seen one those in ages, we whisper in awe! We peer up into the sky in disbelief. Oh, there are no thoughts now, just feelings of an overwhelming sense of utter beauty and magic. We’re breathless with joy and delight! And then, all of a sudden, we feel a rush of energy flow through our body and it feels like somehow this majestic and magical creature is speaking solely to us now and is simply saying … continue. You’re on the right path. Then it banks off and disappears into the clouds.

With moistened eyes, we can only say … thank you.

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