New Book Release

New Book Release

Here’s the latest book I’ve written! As you may know, I commonly write non-fiction. Although, I thought, this time, I’d try my hand at fiction! It’s available here at Amazon!

The story revolves around Quin who has left Newfoundland and Labrador for the other side of the country, following her twin sister Fin’s suicide. But unable to come to terms with her sister’s death, she decides her best chance to deal with the trauma is to return home.

Back home, she encounters other challenges. But on a trip to the grocery store, she meets her favourite old English teacher from high school. In time, Quin begins looking out for him, making sure he gets his groceries or goes to the doctor’s office. And eventually, she learns about the true identity of her English teacher, something that will change her life forever. Moreover, it will also ask her to question everything she thought she knew about her sister’s death. Ultimately, will she be able to walk that hard road to forgiveness?

I sincerely hope you enjoy the read!

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