All For the Love Nature

All For the Love Nature

Tuckamore tree (

The tuckamore – strong, tenacious, and resilient. We grace our various organisations with the name “tuckamore,” knowing that somehow doing so will confer even just an element of these qualities on them.

It is another example of the often quiet, unspoken, and compelling bond we have with nature. After all, we too are a part of nature. Although, it is to that fragment of nature less touched by humans that we direct our attention. So, even while we often exist on the outskirts of a natural world, it keenly calls us back from our steel-embraced, paved and neon-glittered towns and cities. Come home, it bespeaks. We can never forget it must be out of respect and too often a deep-seated concern, that we do so.

At times, we look at trees such as the tuckamore and see an entity seemingly casual as it endures the harshest conditions. After all, gale-force winds regularly assault the rugged and unyielding cliffs of Newfoundland and Labrador. The tuckamore’s response is subtle, yet unquestioningly superlative. Closely hugging the ground, the tree’s gnarled boughs are crouched and bent away from that unforgiving wind. The result is often a tightly interwoven matte of branches caressing the ground. Still, it resists and stands strong.

So, we take its name and conjure up that same resistance and strength. This is something we often do with the various elements of nature that signify a quality or trait we feel is worthy of following. Think of the names we give our sports teams. We have eagles, falcons, hawks and seahawks, timber wolves, grizzlies and raptors galore. Again, we look to another part of nature to find something to pattern ourselves. It is the dexterity, strength and stamina of these creatures we value and hope to replicate.

There are many other examples to which we can look. The images of mountains grant their strength and longevity to companies such as Coors and Patagonia. Then of course, we have the Amazon, that is, the longest river in the world, which as we all know also grants its name to one of the largest technology companies in the world.

So, one thing is certain. We’re clearly impressed and overwhelmed by the behaviour and sheer determination of nature of which, remember, we are a part. And much like a role model, an older sibling or parent for instance, out of our high regard and unconditional love, we opt to take after them. With love in our hearts and seek to invoke an element of their spirit.

Likewise, we need to always have an enduring love in our hearts when we think of nature in all its grace, fortitude, and poise. Sometimes we are saddened when we look around. We see nature too often being devastated and broken, evidence of little regard for the features many of us have hallowed and sought to follow. Without question, in seeking to mimic nature, we demonstrate our deep respect and even our awe.

It is therefore important and vital for us to demonstrate our feelings by our actions and seek to protect nature and ensure its integrity. Whether its something small such as collecting garbage from the side of the road or larger, like setting aside a plot of land for conservation, it’s in our hands. We must ensure we do our part to make certan nature is always there to emulate.

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