Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

It’s frustrating. We’re trapped in a deadbeat job, our work not particularly inspiring. But we acknowledge grudgingly, it pays the bills. Still, sadly, we lack the motivation to do anything except follow the path we’re on. Every day is written in stone as we wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, maybe play on the computer or watch television and then go to bed. Ditto for next day. Some of us have reached a point in our lives where everything has become too normal and predictable, the edges of our lives now dulled and smooth. Why are we even bothering? After all, there is no passion to fire our spirit.

You see. That’s just it. Passion. It may be just a word, but it holds within it a breathtaking degree of strength and potency. It barely encompasses the sheer dedication, love, excitement, and tirelessness with which we commit to the passions of our lives. Time will often cease to exist. When we look up, we can’t believe how late it is. And oftentimes, our passion to do something is closely tied to our innate fires of creativity. The idea is to identify an activity that not only empowers us to rise in the morning, it becomes a driving force in our lives.

Now, the notion of a passion for anything may be somewhat foreign to some ears. “How am I supposed to find my passion,” people may ask. But don’t lose heart. There are numerous methods by which we can find our passion.

For one, we can take some time to simply explore what we enjoy spending time doing. What would be do for nothing or what are things we do and then completely lose track of time? Another hint is that to create also draws from the same energies as our passions. Whatever it is we bring into being, channelling the spirits fostered and formed in our hearts, can be a stepping stone toward identifying our passion. If we’re the sort who loves to locate the hidden connections and associations between different ideas, creating whatever we create may just be our first step toward uniting us with our passion. See what develops.

Then, it might take a little ingenuity to determine how our passion can transform into something from which we can make a living. Maybe a love for cooking can transform into a life as a chef, the owner of a bakery or a blog centred on cooking. If someone has always loved tinkering with their computer, maybe it’s time to look at learning how to become a computer scientist or engineer. Trust me. It’s worth our time. Finding our passion in life is not going to happen without a little work.

And we can’t be deterred by the notion that our passion in life must also be the means by which we make a living. Maybe the work we do is not pure drudgery and a siphon for our spirit. Making our passion the same way we make a living doesn’t always happen immediately. If that’s the case, it’s not the end of the world. For the moment, the most important thing for us to do is to simply give time to our passion.

So, for instance, say we’re a garage mechanic or own a café by day. However, on the side, we love to sing or paint or collect replicas of nineteenth century rail cars. Maybe we’d rather not change your job just yet, but there’s still a chance to give energy to our passion. Who knows, a little later, we might be willing to take the leap and marry our passions to our way of life.

Our passions are the conduits to our soul. They are energised by our very lifeblood. Whatever it is we create will be something we will always hold very dear, whatever it happens to be. For that object or expression will forever be a part of us. So, if we dare to find our passion, we won’t be disappointed.


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