A Different Set of Circumstances

A Different Set of Circumstances

Imagine learning from your landlord that the rent is going to be rising. You’re told, “Sorry, if you can’t pay, you’re going to have to find another place.” You think, but where? You’re left in a total state of shock. There’s no way you can afford the rentals around here. You stare into nothingness, no idea of what you’re supposed to do now.

And then imagine going to the refrigerator to find something to eat. Your son just got home from school and he’s hungry. It’s supper time. Of course, he is. You’d love to give him something wholesome to eat, but all that’s left are some beans and half a loaf of bread. That’s going to have to do.

Besides, when you later open the refrigerator’s door, it’s like some cavernous maw–empty and barren except for opened containers of relish and mustard waiting to enhance food that will likely never appear. There’s the second half of a sandwich you were keeping for tomorrow. Not much more.

Think about it and try to place yourself in this different set circumstances. It’s difficult to do so. But too often we take for granted we’ll never be in such circumstances. Still, we never do know. As many of us know, there are too many struggling to find a secure, safe and comfortable home. They’re either bogged down with a rent that’s increasingly difficult to meet. Others are left taking advantage of the goodness of a family member or friend who’s offered a couch.

For those struggling to make ends meet and choose between paying bills and food, they have additional troubles. Should I buy some food and not bother with the heating bill. Surely, they’ll give me a little grace. Throughout the year, finding healthy food to eat is a problem for too many.

Luckily, there’s some hope. In places such as the southwest Avalon, also including Whitbourne, there is hope. We’re lucky to have a Housing Outreach Worker who can assist people with their need to find a home if they find themselves in dire straits. For others, they may have a home, but it needs upgrades. And the red tape required to do so may be insurmountable. But the Outreach Worker can help. Her office is in the Placentia Chamber of Commerce in the Placentia Mall. Her name is Lillian Mulrooney and she can be reached at 227 5334.

The Placentia Area Food Bank provides emergency food hampers on Monday-Friday, from 9-5. You can ring 213 5333 and leave a message regarding your need for a food hamper, as well as your MCP card number. For those who happen to need food, there are two other places to check. One is in the doorway of the Placentia mall (near Stepping Stones). There is a glass case where people often leave food. Another is by the town square. Leave some food if you can or feel free to take some if you need a little help. We all do sometimes.

Together, we can make a difference!

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