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The Beothuk — A People Remembered

Portrait of Demasduit (Mary March) 1819 watercolour on ivory USE/REPRODUCTION: Copyright: Expired Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1977-14-1 Hundred’s of years ago, their boats quietly landed on the beach, the water gently lapping onshore. They would’ve then solemnly disembarked and located the site that had been chosen for the burial. These were the Beothuk. It is believed members of the Beothuk tribe arrived on Hangman’s Island, one of the islands of the Ragged Islands in western Placentia Bay….

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Argentia and its Spirit of Place

Travelling to Argentia, you’ll find a heavy industrial park established on the rocky shores of Placentia Bay. Well-travelled roads criss-cross over beaten down gravel and paved areas. Warehouses are interspersed over the region or situated along the shore. The pulsing heartbeat of fast-paced business is a reflection of its life-giving energy. Looking around, you’d think nothing remains of the community that had existed there for hundreds of years. But you’d be wrong. Taking A Step Into the Past Demasduit was…

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Islands of Placentia Bay

View of islands near Long Island in Placentia Bay (Source: The islands of Placentia Bay, with their rugged shorelines and beautiful wind-swept vistas, have enjoyed a centuries-long relationship with the people who have traversed this part of Newfoundland and Labrador. Early History Although the evidence is slim, there are indications that First Nations, namely the Beothuk, visited and perhaps made a home on the islands of Placentia Bay. Burial sites have been located on several islands and suggest they…

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