When I first began thinking about this project, I wasn’t at all sure what to call it. The entire idea was to create a more moderate version of what our dearly beloved Charter once offered—something that connected us all to this place. But what to call this place was my next concern?

I knew I needed something short and memorable. I experimented with a few ideas, from Placentiaareaandcapeshorepost.ca to swavalon.ca, both of which, for varying reasons, lacked that needed “roll” off the tongue. Then one day when I was travelling along the Access Road, just having turned off the Trans-Canada Highway, I encountered a sign that said “Welcome to the Cape Shore.” Well, there’s an idea, I thought.

I still had some reservations, though. While I knew geographers understand the region on which we live as a “cape,” or “a point or head of land projecting into a body of water.” At the same time, I’ve heard people refer casually to the region south of Placentia as the “Cape Shore.”

In the end, I went with the province and chose to refer to the entire area as the “Cape Shore.” It felt like the right thing to do.

Feel free to check back every now and then. I will be adding items about the communities of the region, from Long Harbour to Branch. There will be other articles and thoughts that will also appear in the blog on “Living Well,” “Random Acts of Kindness” and some on the history and heritage of entire Cape Shore.

I’ll need your help to make sure I remain representative of the entire area. So, please feel free to send information (capeshorepost@gmail.com) about the activities and events in your part of the Cape Shore. Or you an get in touch with me via the Contact page.

My hope is for the Cape Short Post to offer maybe just a glimmer of what we enjoyed through our old paper, The Charter. With your help, I can hopefully make it into something that connects us to this place.